Balcony Enclosures

How Much Does it Cost and How is the Price Determined?

We use our balconies quite a bit during the summer days. We use them to entertain friends, family or neighbors and sometimes sit alone to enjoy a break. However, there are houses where the balcony is not used. Enclosing a balcony is a great way to take advantage of the space to add a room or expand an existing room. It is also allows us to use the space all year, even if it is cold and rainy outside.

When looking for information about enclosing balconies, price is one the first considerations, both because of the wide price range in the market today, and because of the relatively high cost required for such a project.

Factors to Consider

When enclosing a balcony, it is very important that your chosen method will provide a complete and tight seal. The balcony will now become a room which will be in use both during the hot summer and the rainy, cold winter. In choosing the method of enclosure and the windows that are integrated into it, it is important that you have uncompromising quality that will allow a complete seal. Professional sealing and selection of raw materials will ensure that you have a functional enclosure. Your balcony can now serve as another living room, bedroom, study or even as a pleasant sun terrace, where you can sit during the colder days.

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The Parameters that Affect the Price

The cost of enclosing a balcony is determined according to different parameters.  The materials used to enclose the balcony determine the price – the higher the quality, the higher the price. The use of PVC windows, for example, increases the cost, but at the same time provides a high quality solution. Of course, the area of the balcony that will be enclosed has an impact on the price as well.

Whether you are enclosing a balcony with PVC windows or any other material, it is highly recommended to conduct a market survey and examine the costs in depth, looking at what you are receiving in exchange for the price: The cost of the product indicates its quality.