Who Are We?

Hi-Tech Windows, an authorized manufacturer of REHAU International, produces PVC windows – the most advanced product in the window industry. Our windows are made from special weather resistant REHAU uPVC profiles.

Our super insulated PVC windows are the perfect answer to Israel’s volatile climate with the rainy winters and the hot, dry summers. You can save up to 80% on your energy bill due to aluminum window leakage by installing PVC replacement windows from Hi-Tech Windows.

We offer a variety of styles, such as horizontal sliding, tilt/turn or tilt and slide systems, all available in a variety of elegant matte finishes. You may choose a classic white finish or from a wide spectrum of colors and wood laminates.
We offer windows with Low-e glass, which reflects the strong UV rays that shine from the Middle Eastern sun. All of our windows are double paned and available with argon gas.

All hardware is made by ROTO, the leader in European quality and durability for window systems.


We believe that Vinyl is the perfect material suited for Israeli climate extremes. Our profiles are maintenance free – they never require paint, they will never be eaten by termites, won’t rust or corrode, and will always stay the same color and shape.

The heat conductivity of Vinyl is much lower than aluminum. This directly translates to how much energy is leaving your house through the window frame material.


We import the components from Germany that are specially designed for the Israeli climate and assemble the windows in our factory in Israel. This means that you will not have to wait months for windows to be imported and that we are here to make adjustments if necessary.

Our family-owned business stresses the importance of quality and customer service. We care about manufacturing quality products in Israel, eliminating the need to order complete windows from the US or Eastern Europe. We invite you to visit our factory near Jerusalem and see us in action.


Whether you are building a new home or replacing leaky windows, we can fulfill all of your window needs.

Please call us at 02-656-5575
or email: [email protected]

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