Faux Wooden Windows

Dreaming of wood-framed windows? Have you always wanted a country-style house?

When you close your eyes and think of the perfect home – does it have a relaxed atmosphere and natural design?

Wooden windows can help you realize a large part of the dream: they are impressive and luxurious, while inducing a relaxing atmosphere.

Wood-designed windows, with a rustic green and Mediterranean landscape, will fulfill your dreams.

Despite the great design features we wish to achieve with wooden windows, installing solid wood windows in Israel is a matter that needs serious consideration. The dry climate can cause the frame of wooden windows to dry, crack and radically change in shade, while the wood can easily become a home to colonies of insects. These issues make wooden windows in Israel difficult and time consuming to maintain.

It is not pleasant to wake up from the pastoral dream to the nightmare …

Hi-Tech Windows Present a New Alternative: Faux Wood Windows

The profiles, made by REHAU Germany, are made of PVC and coated with a decorative cover in a golden oak texture. What you get is a appearance of solid wood windows, which are thermally insulated and noise-blocking, and do not require maintenance like real wood windows.

The profiles are durable and made to withstand extreme heat conditions, so you will not have to worry about the changes that occur in solid wood windows.

The carpenters who saw our windows did not believe that these were not genuine wooden windows!