Window Styles

The variety of window you choose is not only a question of practicality and comfort, but also a question of design and style.
Each area of the house can accommodate several types of opening, each requiring a different system of equipment.
It is important to plan the windows together with our consultants to take all factors into account and determine which style is best for each space.

We offer a variety of window styles:

Dreh-Kipp Windows

Tilt & Turn

Dreh-Kipp Tilt and Turn windows are the most common window style in Germany. With one turn of the handle, the window will swing inwards. Another turn of the handle will allow the window to tilt from above.
Our high quality hardware is designed so that there are locks on both sides of the window that seal uniformly – they attach the window to its frame, and also provide significant protection against burglaries. You can also design fixed panels that do not open.
Dreh-Kipp windows allow you to enjoy a large opening, with the added option of ventilating the window in a more controlled way, without suffering from drafts.
Dreh-Kipp windows offer maximum insulation and sealing.

French Windows

What is a French Window? What are its features?
A French Window has two panes opening into the house – one to the right and the other to the left. One pane is also able to tilt (Dreh-Kipp).
French Windows will add European style and comfort to your home. They allow large openings to be divided into several panes, allowing you to open two panes to benefit from a maximum amount of sunlight without a divider in the middle.
French windows are commonly installed in living rooms or bedrooms, sometimes combined with fixed parts at the bottom and/or sides of the window.
French windows offer maximum insulation and sealing.

To learn more about the material that our French Windows are made of, along with all of our window styles, please click here.

Kipp Windows

Tilt Opening

A Kipp Window tilts open from the top of the window.
These windows are commonly used in large openings or in bathrooms, in spaces that only require ventilation. You may clean the window by releasing the clamps.
High-quality locks on the three sides of the window provide significant insulation and sealing, as well as protection against burglaries.

Tilt & Slide Windows and Doors

Tilt & Slide Windows are made of a fixed pane that does not open, with the pane beside it opening and moving on its inner rails. Another turn of the handle allows the pane to tilt, which provides ventilation. Locks on all sides of the window give it a hermetic, airtight seal and insulation.
Tilt & Slide Doors are very easy to operate, and are commonly used as entries/exits to the yard or garden. The significant advantage of this type of door is the minimal space it occupies when open, without compromising on insulation and sealing.
This mechanism is also suitable for large and wide openings, can accommodate panes that weigh up to 200 kg.

Entry Doors & Balcony Doors

Our doors have the options to open in or out, with the possibility of locking with a key and multi-lock. It is possible to divide the door in different ways, including with two panes (French Doors), fixed parts, etc.
We recommend designing exterior doors with a lintel to provide thermal insulation at the bottom of the door, where wind, cold and insects often enter.

Our doors make excellent choices for exit doors to the garden, with a variety of partitions and glass options.

Sliding Windows & Doors

There is no need to explain what an aluminum sliding window is, as it is the most common window style in Israel. Why? Mostly because it is what has been used in the past.
Its advantage is the small space it uses when it is open.
Its disadvantage: Because of its brush sliding system that does not give a high quality seal, there is a lot of wind and noise that enters the house even when the window is closed.

So you ask: Why do you offer a sliding window, if it’s so bad?
We are in favor of changing the custom in Israel of installing sliding windows, but this is something that takes time. Therefore, if it is very important to our customers to have sliding windows, we offer upgraded sliding windows with insulated uPVC profiles with partitions, and insulated glass 4-12-4 (4 mm glass, 12 mm air, 4 mm glass – all of our other window products have 16-32 mm of air).
This combination will give the best insulation possible in a sliding window.
We recommend installing sliding windows in storage areas and other spaces that do not require maximum insulation.

The profiles for all of the windows we produce are made from uPVC, adapted to the high UV radiation of the Middle East and manufactured by REHAU Germany.
Hi-Tech Windows works with the German company Roto, which has been manufacturing window parts for more than 70 years. Its founders invented the opening mechanism for the Dreh-Kipp windows, and all the mechanisms manufactured by the company are designed for 60,000 open and close turns (the Israeli standard requires 5,000).