Ease and Security

How can we ensure a more comfortable and secure window?

The quality, reliability and comfort of the window depend not only on the profile and the glass, but also on the hardware. Without hardware you can only create a fixed window that does not open. Hardware is a set of mechanisms that are responsible for opening, closing and locking the window. By nature, these parts work the hardest.

Therefore, a company that claims to offer a quality product must use the most reliable and durable equipment. Sometimes, window makers, in order to lower the price, are tempted to use imitations that look pretty good but lack quality. When the steel is replaced with plastic or tin, the window may not have a complete seal, may have issues with the hinges or wheels, the handles of window can get stuck and window is no longer useful.

Kipp Windows

Some windows do not need to open completely and a tilt is sufficient. Kipp windows are suitable for wide windows, such as kitchen windows that are above marble. This will provide adequate ventilation, and a hermetically sealed closure is much better than a sliding window.

Quality hardware guarantees of the comfort and reliability of your windows. It should be easy to use and not require a lot of maintenance.

European ROTO closing and locking devices will not crack or get stuck even after many years!

Dreh-Kipp Windows

Our company works with the German company ROTO FRANK, which has manufactured window parts for over 70 years. Its founders invented the opening mechanism for Dreh-Kipp windows (opening to the side and down by one handle). The conglomerate owns 12 factories worldwide and has thousands of employees. All of the mechanisms manufactured by the company are designed for 60,000 uses (the Israeli standard requires 5,000).

Our windows are locked not only on one side of the window, as is the standard of many manufacturers, but at a number of points in the entire window, similar to steel doors. This is necessary, not only to prevent burglaries, but also to seal the window completely, to keep out the wind.