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How much electricity do Hi-Tech Windows save?

From an analysis of the annual reports of the Israel Electric Corporation, we determine that:

1. The average household in Israel consumes about 7000 KWh / year.
2. The consumer who are using the most electricity consume about 20,000 kWh / year.
3. Electricity consumption increases from year to year with a fixed trend.
4. About half of the electricity consumption of an average Israeli household is generated by operating heating and cooling equipment. As standards of living rise, bringing with them more generous use of heating and cooling systems, the share of these payments within the electricity bill has increased.
5. Electricity consumption does not change significantly during the year. The difference between the transition seasons (minimum consumption) and the summer (maximum consumption) does not exceed 20%.

Conclusions: Due to the rise in the standard of living,  electricity consumption in Israel is growing mainly due to the large use of heating and cooling systems (air conditioners and various electrical heating devices). Consumers do not compromise on the quality of their lives and are maintaining a comfortable temperature in their their homes throughout the year. The quality of the insulation of homes in Israel, especially those that are being built now, is reasonable, and the greatest escape of energy flows through the aluminum windows.

To calculate how much money you will save when you install Hi-Tech Windows with PVC profiles, you can apply your electricity consumption data, using the diagram below at a kilowatt-hour price (close to half a shekel) …

Air conditioners and heating are the main reasons for the rise in home electricity bills.

Installing Hi-Tech Windows will eliminate the main energy drain in your home and save thousands of shekels per year!