Modern Glazing

Hi-Tech Windows offers you a variety of glazing options:

– Multi-layered glass that insulates from noise – a wonderful solution that ensures quiet for homes that are near busy roads, railway lines, airports, etc.
– Colored glass
– Glass with a picture of your choice printed on it from the inside to look like stained glass
– Glass with different levels of tinting
– Glass with an increased level of protection, from normal to bulletproof
– Glass with a blinds (Venetian shutter positioned between the two pieces of glass)
– Glass that filters radiation

Glass is a material with a high potential for insulation. The heat transfer coefficient is only 1.15 Wt / m * K. The lower the coefficient, the more the material blocks the heat escape through it. The same figure for aluminum, for example is 230, PVC is 0.19, air is 0.024.

For this purpose – achieving maximum energy savings – we offer Low-e glazing. The use of this glass provides savings of up to 30% in energy costs. The picture below describes the principle of Low-e glazing. The silver Low-e coating on the glass serves as a kind of electromagnetic filter. It allows for short wavelengths of light that a human eye can see and blocks the penetration of longer waves (infrared) that are heat radiation. In other words the heat of the sun is deflected and the heat of the radiator is kept inside.

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These numbers explain why we did not feel any improvement when we supplied aluminum  windows  with insulated glass with two layers of glass with air between them. Even if we find glazing that does not transfer heat at all, aluminum window frames will reduce the efficiency of the best glazing to a negligible level. In the past, when the window market had no alternatives to aluminum, there was no point in investing in insulated, “smart” glazing. With PVC windows, the problems of sealing and insulation of the profile were finally solved, and now it is time to perfect the glass as well.

Our standard window provides an excellent solution for insulation and sealing. Our windows consist of two layers of glass with a thickness of 4 mm, with 16 mm air between them (4-16-4). This double sealing system prevents the penetration of the strongest winds (convection of the heat) and the use of PVC prevents heat transfer through the profile (heat transfer). To reduce heat transfer from radiation (infrared) through the glass, additional refinements are necessary.