Which Window is Cheaper?

What is Really Cheaper? PVC Windows or Aluminum Windows?

Allow us to share an example:

The Cohen family renovated its apartment before the winter, and ordered an aluminum  Dreh-Kipp Belgian window for 1,800 NIS. The height of the window is 120 cm and the width is 80. At the same time, their neighbor Mr. Levy ordered a window for the exact same room. He ordered an insulated PVC window with glazed glass from Hi-Tech Windows. His price for this Dreh-Kipp window was 2,000 NIS.
We know that a Hi-Tech Window measuring one square meter saves an average of 150 NIS per year in heating/air-conditioning expenses (depending on geographical location, home insulation and living habits).

The Cohen family adds 150 NIS to the price of their window each year through the payment to the Israel Electric Company (if the electricity price does not rise) and their neighbor Mr. Levy saves 150 NIS each year. In a year and three months, the neighbors have spent the same amount of money on their windows – they have both paid 2,000 NIS for the windows.
Years have passed … On one stormy winter day, ten years later, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen are wrapped in a woolen blanket, looking angrily at their aluminum window dripping with water and on the wall that is once again moldy. A new thunderstorm makes them jump. Enough! They knock the door of their neighbor. Mr. Levy is sitting barefoot in his armchair wearing a short-sleeved shirt in front of a dry, Hi-Tech Dreh-Kipp Window. His house is pleasant and quiet, as if there is no lightning storm outside. Mr. Levy, nice man that he is, without saying “I told you so,” smiles and tells them the phone number of “Hi-Tech Windows”: 02-6565575.

It doesn’t help to cry over the aluminum windows. What did they pay 3,000 NIS for? After all, money is not everything in life!

* The illustration is based on scientific calculations, IEC statistical publications and technical data from REHAU.