Window Design

When we think about window design, the first connotations that come to mind are the appearance of the profile and its color, the shape of the window and its texture.

Residential Window Design

The window is an integral part of a home’s structure. Windows allow for light, air, and ventilation, as well as a provide a barrier between the interior and the outside environment. Some think that there is an ideal window profile which is suitable for all residential environments, but this is not the case. When selecting the right profile for your window, we consider the outdoor landscape with the interior design and must determine which colors to highlight.

An important design principle is the continuity between the external environment and the interior, and vice versa. In keeping with this principle, particularly bright homes will choose a white or pale window profile to blur the window frame and “absorb” it as part of the landscape. Urban design homes, which seek to continue the urban landscape into the home as part of the design concept, will choose darker, metallic and sophisticated colors. In country-style windows, we recommend choosing a wood laminate profile and adding a glass partition, which will blend with the natural view from the window.

Hi-Tech Windows offers solid colored windows profiles as well as wood laminates. Solid colored profiles are painted in Israel with quality paint made specifically for PVC and designed for the extreme heat conditions of Israel. Wood laminate window profiles are imported from Germany with a decorative coating that will last for decades. We also offer many styles of window profiles and glass which add beauty and ease of use to meet the design and practical needs of your project.

Residential window design is a wide and creative field, and Hi-Tech Windows has a variety of suggestions that will help you achieve the aesthetic and comfortable result you desire.

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