Noise Reducing Windows – Acoustic Windows

Noise is an environmental nuisance, especially in cities. Just as air pollution and water pollution have a devastating effect on our quality of life and our health, so does noise pollution. The dangers of noise vary according to its intensity and the duration of exposure. Noise affects our psyche (fatigue, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, nervousness, apathy, memory problems, psychosis…) and also our body (headaches, dizziness, cardiovascular problems, blood pressure, hearing and deafness problems, digestive problems, metabolism …) Noise is harmful to the immune system and causes sleep disorders – this is an incomplete list, but convincing enough!

It is not practical to avoid noise in our cities, challenging us to invest in construction solutions with good acoustic protection.

It all comes down to some basic physics. A biker who starts his motorcycle at 6AM, creates sound energy emitted by the engine, and it spreads in all directions in the form of waves in the air.
When the wave crashes on the wall of your apartment, its energy is divided into three:

1. The wave that bounces off the wall and runs backwards (the stronger it is, the better the acoustic insulation of the wall);

2. The energy dissipates in the body of the building as the wave passes from the outside of the wall to the inside (the greater the scattering, the better the acoustic insulation);

3. The remaining part of the energy is converted from mechanical vibrations to sound waves when the surface of the wall serves as a membrane of a speaker. If you went to bed without noise-canceling headphones, you will wake up to the roar of "Formula 1". Good Morning!

The most important requirement for an acoustic window is hermetic sealing. This means that no matter what glass we put in a traditional sliding window with a roller shutter, we will not gain much.

In contrast, closing a Hi-Tech Window will provide a tight uniform seal all around the frame.

To achieve even better results, we can divide the glass into layers with different thicknesses and layers of gas between them.

REHAU engineers have developed a glazing composition, which, when combined with our PVC profile, will ensure noise insulation of more than 42 dB according to studies, resulting in perceived noise reduction of 90-95%.

The density and the size of the building determine the quality of the acoustic insulation. This rule is true for noise created in the air.

Banging, such as a chair falling on the floor or a quarry hammer digging in the wall, is transmitted throughout the structure and is extremely difficult to deal with.
Most buildings in Israel provide a reasonable level of noise insulation. Desired level: 50 DB.

(Noise reduction of 10 dB equals 3.16 times; 20 dB – 10 times; 30 dB – 31.6 times; 40 dB – 100 times; 50 dB – 316 times). The biggest problem of acoustic insulation in a building are its windows.

A standard window with a roller shutter is almost a hole in terms of insulation: both thermal and acoustic! All the investment in home insulation goes down the drain if you don’t have suitable windows!

Hi-Tech Windows will protect you from the dangerous nuisance of noise and allow a comfortable and healthy life even in the middle of the city!

Here is an illustration for noise insulation in a REHAU door:

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